Monday, 1 October 2018

Journey Thoughts

I never envisaged that my training for EBC would have begun as soon as I settled on the idea of the trek. And sure enough, it hasn't really begun....

I've completed a couple of solo walks, one being a circular walk of High Cup Nick (9.26 miles) in the North Pennines and the second, a linear walk from Ilkley to Bingley (7.78 miles) in West Yorkshire. The weather was quite different in each of the walks, the first being very hot, the second very blustery with some pretty heavy downpours.
Each of the walks gave me an idea of my current fitness level. I could complete the walks, but not necessarily comfortably. Towards the end of completing High Cup Nick, the hillier, hotter of the walks, I felt pain in my hips, in particular, my sacroiliac joints. This is an issue I've had for some time, but not done anything about, other than a small about of self physio when the problem first occurred.

Going forward, I know I seriously need to start my hill training - there's one winter season between now and my trek, I believe winter walks will be good for building my stamina levels.
I'm also considering joining a gym, although I need to look more closely at costs.
I need to address my SIJ pain, I'm going to have a chiropractor assessment and take it from there.
Finally, (for this post) I need to establish a savings plan to make sure I can afford the trip, as well as any kit I don't already have.

Hopefully, my next update will be about me doing something about the above!

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