About Me

A little about me for anyone that would like to know…….

I was nurtured in the North East of England, and also natured in the best the North has to offer, including spending many hours in the Lake District and Northumberland National Parks. My parents (particularly my Mam) encouraged me to enjoy the outdoors and pushed me to explore whilst out on day trips to local picnic spots. Joining the Scouts introduced me to longer distance walking and taught me some of the outdoors skills I still use to this day.

After several years of ‘scouting’ I moved away, completely immersing myself into Uni life and all it offers, getting a degree in computer programming and working for over 10 years in this industry. Certainly, during the ‘Uni years’, there was much to curb my walking interest.

Back in the North East, I bought a house, then a dog and slowly started to get back into walking with solo trips to the Lakes and Scotland. I then met a dozen or so characters on a popular outdoors forum and started doing more strenuous walking, especially in the Scottish Highlands. I was introduced to indoor climbing and this hobby took centre stage for a while, as long working hours meant I wasn't getting further afield much. My climbing largely stayed indoors with the odd adventure in fresh air.

Then the unthinkable happened! I’d only gone and met a girl….My outings became sporadic and my waistline larger. I managed a trip to the Swiss Alps in the early years of the relationship, but it was obvious that I'd lost my ‘edge’ in terms of my fitness level.

Fast forward a few years and I've married said girl, I've been back to Uni, completely changed my career and the biggest change of all….became a dad to a fantastic little girl! But unfortunately, my former fitness still eludes me, life got comfortable…..